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*Update - Please Note*

C-14 Full Systems and/or Slip-On Mufflers are currently out of stock and do not have a schedulded start/completion date on when more will be manufactured.  These products are built and assembled individually by hand within our R&D department and are not part of our normal production items.

We appreciate your interest.  We will look at doing them again in 2023.  Please visit this website page for updates.  Or feel free to contact us directly at sales@areapnolimits.com

Thank you.


Concours 14 with carbon fiber exhaust
Carbon Fiber Slip-On

SLIP-ON - Fits 2008 - 2022 models. Features a 2.0" diameter one piece 304 series stainless steel mid-pipe with integrated TIG welded center stand stop that utilizes the oem rubber bumper.   Designed to work with the OEM Headpipe only.  Comes standard with 18" carbon fiber muffler with 2.0" core and new Flat Conical Billet End Cap.  Huge weight savings with excellent horsepower & torque increases.  Very significant reduction in radiant heat as well.  The polished muffler body clamps are laser cut from 304 series stainless steel with extruded rubber insulators. Stainless steel T-Bolt clamps are utilized on the mid-pipe and muffler inlet.

* 11/21/14 - All Slip-Ons and Full Systems now come standard with our new Flat Conical Billet End Cap.  The rolled edge turndown exit tip is no longer available, but we do have a limited amount available without the rolled edge design.  To view our new Flat Conical Billet End Cap,  go to our "Custom & Universal" web page. 

FULL SYSTEM -  Fits 2008 - 2022 models. Full systems are assembled completely by hand within our R&D department and not part of our normal production runs. Each set of components are matched to each individual system to assure precise, perfect fitment. Designed specifically for the C-14 power characteristics and convenience features (which are very different from the ZX14).  4-2-1 design, completely TIG welded by hand, lightweight mill spec 304 S.S. in raw "works" mill type finish, large diameter tapered headpipes, billet collars & flanges and true merge style slip-fit collectors for optimum powerband, flow and performance.  Precise Slip-fit, spring mounting system allows non stressed fitment and adjustability. Large diameter mid-pipe features an Integrated centerstand stop.   This system is available with an 18" carbon fiber muffler, 2.25" core and new Flat Conical Billet End Cap.  Delivers a deep, low frequency tone.  Huge power increase from bottom to top.  When comparing power at the soft limiter of 9900 rpm, the power difference is  + 29 hp, 15 ft lbs tq.   Power increase begins at 2200 rpm and carries through to the soft limiter.   This was with a PC5, mapped, flies in, oem air filter.  We have seen even bigger increases by having the ECU Flashed with 165 hp and almost 107 ft lbs tq!  Significant reduction in radiant heat and huge weight savings as well.  

*NoteFull Systems - Now come standard with an O2 Bung installed in the Mid-Pipe for Wideband/Autotune/Closed Loop Tuning.  It also comes with a Plug installed if you do not utilize it.   If you have a 2015 - 22 model with OEM O2 Sensors in the headpipe, you will need to have the ECU "flashed" which will allow you to remove them and prevent the FI light from coming on at the dash. The Area P headpipe does not utilize/require these.  Dynojet does not currently have any options available for the 2015 - 22 models. 

Further increases are noted below with the Fuel Moto modified PCV.  Additional increases gained by having the ECU Flashed.


Concours 14 aftermarket exhaustConcours14 carbon fiber exhaust


Slip- On - 14 lbs.

Full System - 21 lbs 


The sound readings are taken statically using the standard 20" test at 45°.  Slip-On exhaust tone is very different, though the actual decibel levels are very similar.  Very low frequency.  

Full System - An all gear cruising and to the soft limiter sound byte is noted below.  Exhaust tone is very deep, low frequency.  Sounds awesome.  Muffler is positioned slightly under the bag to assist deflection and attenuation of sound.

  Idle  5000rpm
Stock 77-78 dbA 92-93 dbA
Slip-On - 18" Muffler, 2.0" core 
Full System - 18" Muffler, 2.25" core
83-84 dbA
86 - 87 dbA
92-93 dbA
98 - 99 dbA

Click here for full system sound byte on the dyno.




Concours 14 dyno chart

Slip-On - Power increase starts immediately from 2500 rpm and carries through peak at 9250 rpm. Very linear. Increase was 5.62 horsepower and 4.68 foot pound torque. The chart shows runs with the 18" muffler/2.0" core.  Although not required with the Slip-On, further power increases can be had with the addition of a PCV or ECU Flash.

Concours 14 full system horsepower

Full System -  Power increase begins at 2200 rpm for an immediate increase and carries through to the 9900 rpm soft limiter.  Our initial testing showed when compared at the soft limiter, an increase of almost 29 hp, 15 tq.  This was with a PCV installed, flies in, oem filter.  We have seen even better results with Fuel Moto PCV mapping and ECU Flashing.

Fuelmoto (www.fuelmotousa.com) tested the system with PCV, Map, Flies out, BMC Street Filter.  Their baseline was 135.69 hp, 91.72 tq.  Results were 160.12 hp, 102.96 tq.  At the soft limiter (9900 rpm) the increase was almost 35 hp, 19 tq!  With an ECU Flash - Ivan's Performance Products tested it with results of 165 hp and almost 107 ft lbs tq with their ECU Flash! 


US$1095.00 Full System, Carbon Fiber Muffler
US$465.00 Slip-On - Carbon Fiber Muffler

For more information or to order, click here to contact us!