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Prototype hanger/fender eliminator shown. Production version will include visual refinements.
Fits 2005 and 2006 models. Prototype shown in photo. This under-tail Slip-On system includes a very slick integrated fender eliminator that also serves as a mounting system for the muffler section. The production version will feature a black powder coat finish. It really cleans up the rear end completely. We've even provided mounting holes to accept the stock turn signals and not force you to use after market signals. Please note this fender eliminator/muffler mount has no provisions to retain the stock license plate light and/or reflector. The entire muffler assembly and fender eliminator mounting kit weights 5 lbs, 7 oz. The stock assembly weighs almost 17 lbs!! You save over 11 pounds! This is extremely important on an under tail exhaust (very high center of gravity) and will improve handling dramatically.

This Slip-On features a 2.0" 304 series stainless steel S-bend. We bulge the inlet and remove the stock gasket for a perfectly mated junction and optimum flow. We remove the complete exhaust flapper valve system and cables and supply a new CNC billet actuator component for the servo motor that mechanically deactivates the FI light and keeps it from malfunctioning. Detailed instructions are provided to ease installation of this system. We use our 9.0" length muffler, with a 2.25" or  large 2.50 diameter core for maximum performance. The sound is incredible to say the least. The exhaust tone more closely resembles an open class bike. Please note – this system as tested is not quiet by any means. It’s not abusive by our standards, but definitely not quiet. An optional 2.0" core and 2.0" exit tip is available for those who would like a quieter system. The muffler will be available in carbon fiber only. Being an under tail design, with very tight tolerances, the properties of carbon fiber allow it to operate at a cooler outside temperature than an aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium muffler shell, as well as it cools much more quickly. We feel it is very important to maintain the coolest temperatures possible for safety and passenger comfort. Carbon fiber provides the best option.


Just over 11 lbs.


This Slip-On makes really good power without altering the stock fuel curve. It may be possible to gain even more power with the use of a PC3 and a well sorted out map. This particular model ZX6r (636) had 421 miles on it. As with most Kawasaki models, more break-in miles will result in gains of 2 - 3 more hp. The power increase was 4.5 horsepower and 1.0 in torque. The power really comes on at 6500 rpm and carries all the way through to the soft limiter. The stock fuel curve is within specs and no change is required to the mapping.
US$475.00 Carbon Fiber
US$450.00 Stainless Steel

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