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AREA P was created in 2003 by exhaust specialist Kerry Bryant. Teamed with longtime sales/marketing wife Jenny, master fabricator/designer/engineer son Kenny, and production manager son Kelly, our family combine's old school values and integrity, with advanced technology and skills. People ask us frequently: "What does Area P stand for?" Similar to Area 51, you know a lot of stuff goes on there, but you're kept guessing as to exactly what.

Area P also stands for: Prototyping, Performance and Production. We've been contracted to work with many of the OEMs for both their aftermarket, racing, and special projects needs, BMW Oracle for the America's Cup Race, Race Car Teams and a host of very detailed intricate projects that are non-exhaust related. Simply said - Area P really does have "No Limits".

The primary focus of AREA P is exhaust systems, though as our slogan (No Limits) alludes to, we are involved in many other areas as well within the Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Industrial, Karting, Snowmobile markets. We carefully hand massage and assemble each unit, just like it was going on our own vehicles. The most telling and obvious benefit for you is the hand crafted, hand assembly that is done by highly skilled technicians. Our facilities are located in Anaheim, CA. As "smaller" facilities with fewer employees than the "big box manufactures", our overhead is simply much lower than the competition. Being as we are fabricators and craftsmen, our quality and performance standards are top level and second to none. We utilize 3D CAD computer modeling for initial discovery and final concepts/drawings, along with 3D Printing of solid models in-house. Everything in between those actions is fabrication, R&D, testing, and manufacturing of the final product.

Click here for a 1st through 6th gear, 186mph sound byte

Having worked in the industry for over 40 years for companies like Goodyear, SuperTrapp, Kerker, White Brothers, and Jardine, designing and patenting a host of products along the way (SuperTrapp Liquidator, White Brothers E-Series, to name a few), Area P has the experience necessary to bring you first class products. As a professional road racer for 12 years and a life long enthusiast, Kerry can offer a unique view of performance, styling and function of the products we offer.

We've worked hard to bring a very high quality, affordable, and easy to install product line. We've thoroughly tested the product for performance, sound, and durability: extensively on the Dyno, on the Sound Meter, on the Track. We utilize the finest materials available: high temp carbon fiber, aircraft grade titanium, Inconel, 304 series stainless steel, and/or aluminum billet stock in a variety of grades for manufacturing AREA P products. We have set a high standard and I believe the goal has been met with the sample product line shown on our site.

Our ALLIANCE FABRICATIONS division specifically designs and builds affordable Offroad Trucks, as well as street going versions of the same. We also specialize in Subaru WRX/STI Mods as well. We offer all wheel drive Dyno testing, CAD design, machining, bending, cutting operations. We R&D, Engineer, Design, and Fabricate all our components in-house.

Most important of all, at Area P and its divisions, you talk to us directly. We are here to help guide you through any questions/answers you may have. We want to earn your business and trust. We will try our best to exceed your expectations.

Thank you!

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