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Area P Muffler Packing


The "Stuff It" method

The "Wrap It" method

Area P Muffler Packing is one of the best materials available for maximum attenuation of sound, longevity, and heat insulation. After more than 30 years of testing a wide variety of products, we know what works (and what doesn’t…). Area P muffler packing is a long strand “Loose Fill” with an extremely high fusion point. Loose Fill is superior to flat mats or pillows as it allows full density packing and expansion to fill all voids. The Long Strand Fibers will expand, and take a “set” after heat cycling and are less likely to get “blown-out” over time. Takes only minutes to pack. Loose Fill is universal. No need for a “Pillow or Cartridge” that fits only one model and may leave gaps or voids within the muffler shell. Loose Fill fits all mufflers, brands and applications. We utilize this packing exclusively in all Area P Motorcycle, Automotive, Marine and Industrial applications.

Muffler packing techniques and the material utilized is one of the most important aspects of building an exhaust system. Not only with the quality of material, but with the techniques incorporated when using them. We utilize highly trained technicians when packing and assembling every single muffler. 

Pillows, Cartridges, Blankets – Don’t be fooled by the hype. They do not last longer. They do not attenuate sound better. They do not fill voids and open areas better. Loose Fill is superior in every aspect and takes only a few extra minutes to pack.

Packing Made Simple: As a general guideline:

  1. The more densely you pack the muffler – the longer it will last, better heat insulation, better performance. But will be slightly heavier and will attenuate sound levels less (increase sound).

  2. The less densely you pack the muffler – the shorter the life span, less heat insulation, less performance. But will be slightly lighter and will attenuate sound levels more (decrease sound).

So you need to determine your primary goals - longevity, heat insulation, weight, sound levels. Singles and V-Twins require a more dense pack because of high heat and strong exhaust pulse. Water cooled Inline four cylinder applications normally can use less. Also affecting this is the muffler shell material, volume/size, mounting location, internal core design and actual application use (Sport riding, Sport Touring, Racing, Cruising, Off-road, etc.). We find that a “firm” pack works the best all-around.  In any Automotive/Race Car Muffler application, we recommend a more dense/firm pack.

How long between repack inspections: Obviously this depends on the application, use, and muffler shell material. Aluminum, Titanium, Carbon Fiber shells should be monitored more closely. Steel, Stainless Steel, and Inconel shells are less likely to have issues with excessive heat caused by packing material dissipation. The packing material will compress and become more dense/firm over time. As this occurs, sound levels may increase slightly over a long period of time. In most cases, it will not be the packing material dissipating causing the sound level increase. Off-road/MX bikes are primarily hot-running; four stroke singles operated at high RPM levels and will require more frequent inspections. Sportbike/Sport Touring bikes with larger volume mufflers and operated at more sustained lower RPM levels, while also having significantly better airflow around the muffler, will last substantially longer. We’ve inspected mufflers with 20,000 – 40,000 miles on them and the material is still functioning perfectly.

Area P mufflers utilize high percentage stainless steel perforated core material. This high percentage (more holes/less stagger) design allows exhaust pressure waves and heat to be dispersed into the packing material allowing maximum attenuation of sound and heat absorption. This design is superior when combined with Area P Muffler Packing Material.

Other companies use smaller holes and pre-wrap their cores with steel mesh/screen. They do this for one reason only; so their muffler packing material will last longer and not burn out. The down side to this logic is that sound dampening is compromised and heat is retained within the core/screen area. *We do not recommend mesh or screen be pre-wrapped around the core when looking for maximum attenuation of sound pressure waves.  We also do not recommend steel wool as a packing material. It can actually increase heat within the muffler by “transferring” instead of “absorbing”.

Muffler packing procedure – Stuff-it or Wrap-it. The preferred method is to “Stuff-It”. Provided your muffler has a removable end cap (whereby the core stays in the muffler shell), you can use this method for the most complete and effective pack. Simply place a cap or tape over the top of the core to ease the stuffing method (so the long strands do not get caught when stuffing). Use a stick or long ruler to help pack and compress the material fully and evenly into the muffler shell. Always pack more densely at the inlet side. This is where the exhaust pulse will be strongest and hottest. Your packing technique will vary upon the application.  Always use eye protection, mask and gloves when disassembling and/or repacking any muffler. Please contact us with any questions you may have or guidance that you need.

If the core design does not have a removable end cap, it will require you to “Wrap-It”. This process is very simple as well. Simply grab some material and start wrapping it around the core tightly. Essentially you want to uniformly wrap it to where it still slides easily back into the muffler shell/shape. If desired, use masking tape to help secure it in place for ease of sliding it back into the muffler shell. As the exhaust pulse occurs and the packing material expands with heat cycling, it will move away from the core and become more effective at doing what it is designed to do; Attenuate Sound - Insulate Heat - Add Performance. 

Availability and price - 1 pound, 2 pound, 25 pound bulk bags. Keep in mind that it is always better to order more than what you think you will require. You can always save it for future use.

1 pound bag will fill most Dirt Bike style mufflers & H-D/Metric Mufflers - $24.95

2 pound bag will fill larger Sportbike shape/style mufflers - $44.95

25 pound bags – Volume discounts for OEM/Aftermarket Companies available.

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