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Area P Quad Dyno Attachment


Unit pictured set up for Dynojet model 150/200/250
The Quad market has been booming for years, but most Dealerships and Performance Shops have no practical way use their Dyno to test them on. Having the ability to test both motorcycles and quads opens a whole new revenue source, as well as increased efficiency. Area P has designed an affordable turn key solution.

Your service department can now “test ride” in a stationary environment, without the added liability and hassle of racing around your parking lot. Now you can easily test/tune for horsepower, torque, and/or air/fuel mixtures. Does not impede testing motorcycles. This kit comes complete with easy to follow installation instructions and tips to follow when testing Quads.

Extensively tested in our own facility and engineered with heavy duty components. The "drum” assembly comes with four independent high speed alloy wheels and road race "slick” tires, large spindles and free spinning dual bearings. Thick steel plating is cut to precise shapes on our 3 axis CNC plasma machine; fixtured, gusseted and MIG welded in place for strength. The front wheel “channel” is made from heavy duty steel with large footing plates for secure mounting. All finished in a durable yellow coating.

If you try to dyno test with the stock knobbies, the tires will not only start to shred immediately, but the readings will be off as much as fifteen horsepower! There is simply not enough contact area on the drum, as well as far too much vibration involved when using knobby tires. We solve this by conveniently including two sets of alloy wheels with smooth tread tires. The 4x115mm wheels fit most popular Yamaha models. The 4x110mm fit most popular Honda, Kawasaki, and/or Suzuki models. This package offers the smoothest runs, highest contact patch, and most accurate readings. For example: Yamaha 700 Raptor – stock knobbies = 26 hp, smooth kit tires = 41.2 hp.




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