CBR1000RR '08-12
CBR600RR '07-13
CBR600RR '05-06
CBR1000RR '04-07
CBR600F4i '01-08
Ninja 300 '13-17
ZX6R '09-15
ZX10R '08-10
Concours14 '08-23
ZX14 '08-11
Ninja 250R '08-12
250R Race '08-12
ZX6R '07-08
ZX14 '06-07
ZX10R '06-07
ZX6R/RR '05-06
ZX10R '04-05
EX250 '88-07
GSX-R1000 '09-11
B-King '08-11
GSXR600/750 '08-10
GSXR1000 '07-08
GSXR600/750 '06-07
GSXR1000 '05-06
GSXR600/750 '01-05
GSXR1000 '01-04
R1 '07-08
R6 '06-15
R1 '04-06
R6 '03-09

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Click here for a 1st through 6th gear, 186mph sound byte

Area P exhaust systems are extensively tested before being produced and put in the box.  From CAD Design to 3D Printing of Solid Models, we R&D a variety of prototypes for proper fitment, power, and tone quality. Systems are manufactured using an assortment of materials depending on the application. We utilize exotic materials like carbon fiber, stainless steel, titanium and inconel. We also use more conventional materials like steel and aluminum. There are no short cuts taken on delivering a quality product.

All our tubing is bent using CNC mandrel benders for seamless smooth radius bends. We use right-hand, left-hand, and shifting head benders for an infinite range of possibilities. This allows many applications to feature a single multiple/compound bend tube, with no external welds or sections to impede the aesthetics, durability or flow of the material. We feature precisely spec’d inlets that slide effortlessly onto the stock collector for a perfect fit. Securing the tube with 304 series stainless steel T-Bolt Clamps assure an airtight seal.  Some systems are offered in slip-fit, spring mount.

On applications featuring Bolt-On mufflers, we use 6061 aluminum adaptors that are CNC'd from solid billet stock. They are machined to accept the OEM gasket(s) to assure there are no exhaust leaks after installing.

Muffler shells are constructed using High-Temp Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Inconel materials. They are available in lengths from 9" to 18” versions.  Our Carbon Fiber shells feature a two twill pattern that is autoclaved to maintain precise spec and lasting durability; top of the line. Our 304 Series Stainless Steel shells are made from lightweight thinwall material. Our aircraft grade Titanium and Inconel shells are made from .023" wall material and are super lightweight.

Inlet spigots and exhaust outlet tips are made from 304 series stainless steel. We feature a unique 25° rolled edge on all exit tips. Inlet spigots are machine bulged/swedged and slotted for reliable fit and secure mounting to the S-Bend tubing when combined with our 304 series stainless steel T-Bolt clamps.  We do have systems that feature slip-fit, spring hook/spring mount retention as well.

A variety of perforated cores diameters from 1.0" to  2.50" are used depending on the application. In most cases, we use 1.75", 2.0", 2.25", or 2.50" sizes with a specific design spec percentage of staggered perforations. This assures maximum flow, and maximum attenuation of sound. Sighting down the inlet of an Area P exhaust, you will notice no deviations or impediments to flow.   *Applications are designed for closed course competition/racing use only as they do not meet EPA and/or C.A.R.B. sound and/or emission legal standards.   

Inlet and Outlet caps are machined from 6061 aluminum billet material to exacting tolerances. We believe machined from billet aluminum to be superior to stamped caps for precise fitment, lasting strength and durability. Nothing says quality like parts machined from solid billet.

With such precise specifications and precautions taken during assembly, we can securely fasten the end caps with four 5mm stainless steel button head screws.  The caps are also bonded to the shell with an aerospace quality adhesive to assure the seal. We will never use rivets like other manufactures do, that can loosen over time, leak, or simply cheapen the integrity of the product. We take no short-cuts in quality.

Securing the muffler to the passenger peg or other mounting point on the motorcycle consists of a specifically formed, laser-cut, 304 series stainless steel body clamp. We insulate this clamp with a custom spec extruded nitrile rubber insulator to assure a slip-free secure mounting system.  All applications feature custom bends and "ear" lengths.

The "Area P" logo is a special high temp mylar sticker for a clean "no rivet" look. 

Area P Exhaust come standard with Brushed/Satin finish S-Bend, inlet and outlet caps, spigots and exit tips.   Optional Flat Conical Billet End Cap is also available.

Availability and details on our systems for specific models can be seen by clicking on the model name below.  We also offer a variety of custom and universal applications.  See our "Universal & Custom Application Page.   Click here go to the Contact Us page with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

*All Area P Exhaust systems and/or Slip-Ons are designed for closed course/racing competition use only as they do not meet EPA and/or C.A.R.B sound and/or emissions legal standards.  Information is included noting this in every Area P Exhaust system and/or Slip-On product package.

California bikers click to read our emissions notice.

Applications / Pricing
MakeModelYear(s)Price (US$)Part #
HondaCBR1000RR08 - 12$450.00 Carbon Fiber
 $395.00 Stainless Steel
04 - 07$450.00 Carbon Fiber110002
 $425.00 Stainless Steel110001
CBR600F4i01 - 08$425.00 Carbon106002
 $395.00 Stainless106001
CBR600RR07 - 13$495.00 Carbon Fiber106018
 $450.00 Stainless Steel106017
05 - 06$450.00 Carbon Fiber106016
 $425.00 Stainless Steel106015
03 - 04$450.00 Carbon Fiber106012
 $425.00 Stainless Steel106011
KawasakiConcours 1408 - 23$0.00
 $1095.00 Full System, Carbon Fiber Muffler214105
 $465.00 Slip-On - Carbon Fiber Muffler214004
EX250 Ninja88 - 07$45.00 D.E.I. - Sound Attenuator
 $79.95 Dynojet Kit # 2138
 $525.00 Full System - Long Quiet Carbon Fiber Muffler202501-LQC
 $495.00 Full System - Standard Carbon Fiber Muffler202501
 $450.00 Full System - Standard Stainless Steel Muffler202500
 $99.95 Performance Kit - Aluminum Battery Box & Uni Filters2025-KT
Ninja 250R08 - 12$0.00
 $14.95 Area P Exhaust Port Gaskets (pair)225-EPG
 $25.00 Exhaust Hanger Bracket - Black2250-EB
 $525.00 Full Stainless Steel System, 18" Quiet Carbon Fiber Muffler225001-LQC
 $495.00 Full Stainless Steel System, Standard 12" Carbon Fiber Muffler22501
 $475.00 Full Stainless Steel System, Standard 12" Stainless Muffler22500
Ninja 250R Mid-High Mount Race08 - 12$14.95 AreaP Spec Built Exhaust Port Gaskets (pair)225-EPG
 $94.95 Customized AreaP/Dynojet Kit2193R
 $525.00 Full stainless steel system with 12" Carbon Fiber Muffler225006
 $505.00 Full stainless steel system with 12" Stainless Steel Muffler225007
 $550.00 Full stainless steel system with 18" Carbon Fiber Muffler225005
 $79.95 Standard Dynojet Kit2193
Ninja 30013 - 17$25.00 Accessory "Solo" Mounting Bracket, "Slanted A", Area P Systems2300-BSLA
 $25.00 Accessory "Solo" Mounting Bracket, "Std A", OEM Muffler2300-BSTA
 $14.95 Area P Custom Exhaust Port Gaskets (pair)225-EPG
 $249.95 Area P/Fuel Moto FI Micro Programmer
 $545.00 Full Standard Mount System, Long Quiet Core Stainless Muffler230003
 $550.00 Full Standard Mount System, Standard Carbon Fiber Muffler230002
 $525.00 Full Standard Mount System, Standard Stainless Steel Muffler230001
 $575.00 Full Standard MountSystem, Long Quiet Core Carbon Fiber Muffler230004
 $595.00 Full Ultra High Mount System, Standard Carbon Fiber Muffler230006
 $575.00 Full Ultra High Mount System, Standard Stainless Steel Muffler230005
ZX-10R08 - 10$450.00 Carbon Fiber210008
 $395.00 Stainless Steel210007
06 - 07$550.00 Carbon Fiber210006
 $495.00 Stainless Steel210005
04 - 05$450.00 Carbon Fiber210001
 $195.00 Megaphone210003
 $395.00 Stainless210002
ZX-12R00 - 05$475.00 Carbon Fiber212002
 $425.00 Stainless Steel212001
ZX-1408 - 11$795.00 Carbon Fiber214006
 $695.00 Stainless Steel214005
06 - 07$795.00 Carbon Fiber214002
 $695.00 Stainless Steel214001
ZX-6R09 - 15$395.00 Carbon Fiber206016
 $249.95 Megaphone206017
 $350.00 Stainless Steel206015
07 - 08$499.00 Carbon Fiber206014
 $450.00 Stainless Steel206013
ZX-6R / ZX-6RR05 - 06$475.00 Carbon Fiber206012
 $450.00 Stainless Steel206011
03 - 04$425.00 Carbon Fiber206002
 $395.00 Stainless Steel206001
SuzukiB-King08 - 11$525.00 Carbon Fiber313006
 $475.00 Stainless Steel313005
GSX-1300R HAYABUSA08 - 15$795.00 Carbon Fiber313004
 $695.00 Stainless Steel313003
99 - 07$795.00 Carbon Fiber313002
 $695.00 Stainless Steel313001
GSX-R100009 - 11$450.00 Single Slip-On - Carbon Fiber310013
 $425.00 Single Slip-On - Stainless Steel310012
07 - 08$795.00 Dual Bolt-Ons - Carbon Fiber310007
 $695.00 Dual Bolt-Ons - Stainless Steel310006
 $450.00 Single Slip-On - Carbon Fiber310009
 $395.00 Single Slip-On - Stainless Steel310008
05 - 06$475.00 Carbon Fiber - High Mount310002
 $450.00 Carbon Fiber - Standard Mount310005
 $425.00 Stainless Steel - High Mount310001
 $395.00 Stainless Steel - Standard Mount310004
01 - 04$425.00 Carbon Fiber306751
 $395.00 Stainless Steel306750
GSX-R600 / GSX-R75008 - 10$450.00 Carbon Fiber306757
 $395.00 Stainless Steel306756
06 - 07$450.00 Carbon Fiber306755
 $395.00 Stainless Steel306754
01 - 05$425.00 Carbon Fiber306751
 $395.00 Stainless Steel306750
YamahaYZF-R107 - 08$795.00 Carbon Fiber410014
 $695.00 Stainless Steel410013
04 - 06$795.00 Carbon Fiber410012
 $695.00 Stainless Steel410011
YZF-R606 - 15$195.00 Stainless Steel Megaphone406009
YZF-R6/S03 - 09$475.00 Carbon Fiber406012High mount
 $450.00 Stainless Steel406011
$425.00 Carbon Fiber406002Standard mount
 $395.00 Stainless Steel406001

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